Vital Support for the Family of an Addict at Ft Collins Loss and Death Support Group


Addiction is a family illness because it affects not just the addict but also the other members. It could be psychological, physiological, financial, spiritual, or other aspects. The most affected person is the spouse. Most often she is the first person to face resentment, frustration, and discontentment of her once a beloved man. Family meetings, festive celebrations, birthday parties, and every other happy occasion is often spoiled by the addiction impacts of the family head. Financial breakdown, emotional tirades and spiritual bankruptcy plague the family like no other trauma. So, the family members need support at critical points.

Ft Collins Loss and Death Support Group

At Ft Collins Loss and Death Support Group, the family members of the addict receive support for survival, sustenance, and progress. The premature death of the addict can often lead to financial chaos, which is difficult to manage for the family. Though the group may not offer direct financial support, it may organize for jobs to the wife, educational loans for the children, and other forms of material support. In some cases, the group may also support the funeral expenses of the dead addict.

Spiritual Support

Spiritual support is vital for the family because they might have lost the faith factor during the struggle with the addict. Some of the addicts might have physically and psychologically abused the family members. So, the family could be suffering from an acute sense of self-pity, resentment, and hopelessness. They need strength, hope and courage to face the future challenges.

Counseling and meetings with families of other addicts can provide a much-needed relief from negative factors. It can also help in picking up the spiritual tools and march ahead in life.

Overcome guilt

Addicts are not always hostile to their families. They love their spouses and children deep in their hearts. They are friendly, helpful, and cheerful as long as they have the resources to satisfy their addictions. It is only when the “high” starts receding and there is a way of getting the next shot (or drink), they get frustrated. The family members also know about the addict’s love for them. SO, his premature death may cause a feeling of guilt. The Ft Collins Loss and Death Support Group help them to overcome such feelings and resume a normal life.


It is possible to contribute to the selfless services of Ft Collins Loss and Death Support Group through donations and voluntary works. It will help in preventing the premature death of an addict.